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  • Created by young people, for young people.


    At LovedBy we (ethically + responsibly), co-create with young people, harness data, and build pioneering technology, to improve health outcomes and happiness of the next generation.

    Co-creation led

    Designing with the ‘TikTok generation’

    Using the power of young people’s voices.

    Continuous collaboration with today’s young patients who are living through transitional healthcare is central to our approach. They are a young audience navigating life’s challenges, at an unprecedented time.

    Our Youth Board members continually provide provocative, unfiltered, open and inspiring viewpoints about their lived healthcare experiences. A powerful input into uncovering expectations and how to deliver health engagement that is relevant, relatable and impactful.

    Unique clinically approved behavioural frameworks

    Translating young patient behaviours into positive health habits

    Existing behavioural frameworks are no longer fit for purpose.

    The immersive digital ecosystem that young people live within has intensified engagement and its effectiveness.

    We have developed a rich understanding of this ecosystem, and how it influences young people’s behaviours, attitudes and motivations. One size ‘transitional health’ does not fit all, so our frameworks cover diverse age groups, languages, cultures, genders and socio economic backgrounds.

    Translating these unique themes into robust healthcare best practice, and behavioural frameworks is a constant, but welcome challenge for us. We work tirelessly with NHS transition teams in the UK, Academia (psychology and behavioural science), and select Hospital partners in the US, to carefully balance these themes with the clinical and ethical approval process.

    Inspiring, relevant health engagement

    Education and guidance doesn’t have to be dull

    Blink and they’ll miss you.

    The world our young patients live in isn’t linear. It’s fast-paced. It’s fun. It’s human. It’s engaging. With an average attention span of eight seconds, health engagement content for young patients now needs to work hard to cut through and earn a space in their social-media fuelled world.

    Our engagement teams have been co-creating content with young patients since we began. Our expertise, and relationships now allows us to create health content that is authentic, created by their peers, making it human and relatable.

    Data fuelled health and wellbeing impact

    Ethical use of patient data to improve health outcomes

    Bringing context to health engagement.

    Many healthcare systems today look at a patient’s data sources in isolation. Often, this results in a linear view of a patient’s health – valuable to healthcare professionals as an aid to making informed decisions – but too disconnected for patients themselves to translate into personal actions to take.

    With the exponential growth of data-enabled consumer and medical wearables, highly valuable real-time biomarkers are now in the hands of young patients. By ethically connecting their multiple sources of data together and interpreting what it means for them personally adds the layer of relatability that is critical to deliver effective health engagement.

    Invested in technology

    Simplifying the ability to integrate, scale, perform and deliver

    Leveraging breakthrough technologies.

    Effective engagement works when it is natural and fits seamlessly into existing habits and touchpoints. Today’s young generation embraces the world through digital ecosystems where they feel most comfortable talking, sharing and being part of communities.

    Our cloud-based platforms integrate directly into these digital ecosystems to place health engagement directly into the palms of their hands. Built on highly secure and interoperable architecture, our platforms allow the health data from hardware and wearables pioneers such as Apple Health, Dexcom and Adherium to be ethically used to deliver personalised health engagement.

    Who we work with

    42% of the world’s patient population is under 25 years old. We work with the very best from the healthcare ecosystem to deliver relevant healthcare engagement to them.

    • Young Diabetics Insurers

      Payers / Insurers

      Impactful cost effective engagement solutions for future generations.

      LovedBy partners with leading European, and US Health Insurers. We support our payer partners in the development of clear engagement strategies for a young audience in transition from childhood to adult care (13-25). An audience who immerse themselves in an ever evolving digital ecosystem.

      We do this by leveraging our robust communication, ethical, and behavioural frameworks, making sure that the language, format, themes, digital channels, and learning styles used in communications with this young audience has maximum impact on their health and happiness.

      Where appropriate we tailor our pioneering technology platforms, like Nudg, to remove barriers to adherence, engagement, and efficacy across challenging chronic conditions like Asthma, and T1 Diabetes.

      Improving health economics for our payer partners is always in focus, while striving for best in class experiences for their young patient communities.

    • Hospital providers

      Providers / Hospitals

      Improving engagement across their diverse young patient communities.

      LovedBy partners with hospital providers to help them leverage the new communication and engagement models necessary for today’s young patients (The TikTok generation). We have a top down, and bottom up approach, to ensure long term strategic success.

      Top down: we focus on best practice for transitional health communication with 13-25 year olds. Our robust, patient-led frameworks ensure population wide consistent messaging.

      Bottom up: we pilot, and scale our innovative DTx platforms like Nudg to improve adherence and engagement in adolescents managing chronic conditions like T1 Diabetes and Asthma.

      Our clinical, data, and behavioural science experts work closely with our hospital partners, ensuring that patient location/geography, social mobility, diversity, culture, language, and inclusion form part of our ongoing alignment.

      We continue to focus with our hospital partners on the economic benefits of our approach and technologies, while constantly evolving our reimbursement framework, measurement of key metrics like reductions in admissions and readmissions, and long term costs of care.

    • Young patients

      Young patients

      Ongoing collaboration with our dynamic young community.

      Creating a better world with you, for you! We listen to your frustrations. We co-create new models of healthcare with you. We create experiences that help you to positively impact your health and happiness. We are proud of the fact that our solutions have been created by young people, for young people.

      We aspire to be the bridge between you (the patient) and the established healthcare systems, by helping organisations better understand your needs, aspirations, challenges, beliefs, and how you live your digital lives. All with the purpose of delivering relevant and effective healthcare for you.

      We want to make it easy for you to access healthcare in the digital channels you use every day. But we also continue to invest in the development of healthcare in future channels like the Metaverse and gaming. Wherever you live your digital lives, we will be in the background, making sure that you have access to healthcare in an ethical, relevant, personalised and effective way.

    Our solutions

    Embracing the creative power and passion of young people. Our solutions deliver safe, secure, ethical and clinically informed content in the most relevant digital channels.

    Our partners

    We collaborate with global pioneers who are committed to making the life of young people healthier and happier through technology, ethics and compliance.

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      Delivering best in class contextual education for adolescents with T1 Diabetes, alongside the world’s most advanced Blood Glucose Monitor manufacturer.

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      Partnering with various Hospital Trusts in the UK for clinical content and ethical approval.

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      Developing peer reviewed behavioural frameworks for children and young adults.

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      Ongoing review which comprises nationally recognised digital health standards and regulations.

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      Part of the globally recognised and respected paediatric innovation alumni and hospital network in North America.

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      Delivering best in class contextual education for adolescents with Chronic Asthma alongside the world’s most advanced smart inhaler ecosystem.

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      Tackling paediatric and adolescent chronic health and wellbeing in partnership with the respected Utah based hospital provider.

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      Ongoing collaboration and innovation for paediatric and transitional healthcare for T1 Diabetes and Asthma.


    Our growing board is made up of diverse and global young people who bring their unique perspective and desires to shape our solutions into relevant and life enhancing experiences.

    Youth Board

    Youth Board


    Health engagement by young people for young people.

    Listening to the voice of young people to bring their creativity and opinion to the health engagement solutions that we build.

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